Q: Are all your products in Silver (Chandi)?

Yes, all our jewelry products are made in 925 Sterling Silver, which is the International standard for Silver Jewelry.

Q: Is Sterling Silver, Pure silver (Chandi)?

Yes, Sterling Silver is a very pure alloy mixing 92.5% of Silver and 7.5% mixture of Copper.

Why do they add Copper?

Because pure silver (also called Fine Silver, or .999, doesn’t tarnish), is so soft that it scratches easily and isn’t practical for jewelry worn daily,  the British decided that adding 7.5% copper to 92.5% silver was the perfect alloy, and coined the alloy, “Sterling”.

Q: Do you offer Gold Plated Jewelry?

Yes, we have a variety of gold plated designs in 925 Sterling Silver.

We also offer free of cost gold plating for items with silver finish. Just check the gold plating option available under each product.

Q: Do you offer a warranty or guarantee your work?

We guarantee that your jewelry is free of defects when it is shipped to you.  If you receive your new jewelry and notice a problem, send it back and we will take care of the problem.  Our jewelry will last a lifetime if worn with care and removed before rough activities.

We also offer free polishing for jewelry products purchased from ZED EYE.

Please read our Silver Jewelry Care Guide.

Q: What is the delivery time for Made to Order items?

Made to Order items are delivered in 15-20 Working Days.

Q: How do I order for a customized design?

Customizing Existing Designs:

For Customizing size, gemstone, stone color, or plating etc. for existing designs, kindly refer to the customize option for the said product and enter the details that need to be customized.

  • Not all gemstones will look alike and there may be slight variation with every order. In case of variation, pictures of gemstones will be shared with you before proceeding and confirming the order.
  • Not all items are customizable and the same is mentioned under each product details.

New Customized Design:

If you’re interested in starting the exciting journey towards a custom piece in 925 Sterling Silver, or just want to find out more about the process, fill out the form and we will be in touch right away.

Link to form: Customized order (New Design)

Please note: 50% advance required for all made to order and customized items

Q: How to order Personalized Name Jewelry?

Personalized name jewelry is tailored to your specific requirements.

You can purchase the item in the design that you like and while checking out upload the design or handwritten name in any language that needs to be made.

You can also add your preferences for plating and finishing, size or stone color where applicable.

Any other instructions can be added in the notes section during checkout.


How it Works?

  • A professional calligraphist creates the calligraphy designs with the names and words provided by you.
  • The design will then be shared with you by WhatsApp or Email for your approval.
  • Once the design is approved, the piece is handmade from scratch in 925 Sterling Silver.
  • All personalized made to order items are delivered in 15 to 20 working days in Pakistan.


Please note: 50% advance required for all made to order and customized items

Q: What finishing look do you give to the Personalized Name Jewelry?

You get to choose between the classical shiny finish or the modern matte finish. These two options will be discussed once the customized order progresses.

Q: What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Return policy

Q: Do you have a store where I can see your silver jewelry?

No, our silver jewelry products are only available online.  We operate from a jewelry studio that is not open to the public. However, we do exhibit our products during exhibitions and events. Details of upcoming events are mentioned here:

Link to upcoming events.

Q: What if I don't know my size?

Refer to our Size Chart here: Ring, Bracelet, and Bangle

You could also purchase jewelry in the stock size available and return it if it does not fit.

See our Returns Policy

However, for Bespoke Customized Jewelry, we will need your accurate size.

Q: What if I break my jewelry?

A:  We will repair the same for a reasonable cost.  Just email or WhatsApp us a photo or return the product to us and we will give you an estimate.

Q: Do you offer gift wrapping?

All the jewelry pieces are packaged professionally and presented nicely, ready to be gifted.

Q: Do you offer Men’s Jewelry?

Not at the moment but we do offer personalized name jewelry for men.

However, for other products we can arrange some designs for you to choose from upon request.

Q: What are your shipping charges?

We offer Nationwide free shipping.